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Front-End Development


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Course Material (40 hours)

40 hours

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Pre- Course Material

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Course Description

This course will use a modern stack (Vue.js, Firebase, Wepack, Npm, Sass and more) as a tool to teach you what’s the mindset of a programmer and how to solve problems. Too many people remain in the so called “tutorial purgatory” where they feel like they can’t progress anymore after following some online course, because what they did was to copy and paste code, without actually thinking about what is the reasoning behind it.
You are going to write a web application but most importantly you will learn how to approach coding challenges and how to get the necessary knowledge to create your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or to start your programming career. The last part of the course is focused on what are the necessary steps to pursue the career of your dreams and to escape the 9-5 office job.
You are going to have 2 months of support after the course where your mentors will reply to your questions and they will guide you to the best resources and tips, learnt and accumulated during many years of experience in software engineering, to achieve your goals.


To get a feel of coding, here is a simple excercise to start with:

Pre-course material and requirements (see MATERIAL tab)

You will get access to this material after enrollment in the course.


You are good to go!! After you have completed the pre-course requirements, you are ready to join us, your mentors and the other bootcamp participants to have your hands on training on Front-End Development

Take your business and your career to the next level TODAY.


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Our Main Teachers

Stefano is an experienced full stack (Vue.js, Firebase, Wepack, Npm, Sass) web developer with many years working in startups in Italy, England and the Netherlands. He is a digital nomad at heart with a passion for programming and travelling. He has worked as a freelancer and traveled the world to discover new places and cultures.

Devlin is a full-stack software developer, a Microsoft MVP, Auth0 Ambassador, a consultant, a trainer, and a conference speaker

Price : 3950 $

Max Availability : 15

Difficulty : Beginner

Location : Sahara Bootcamp

Typology : Premium